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Category Theme
Cosmo- & Geochemistry
A-1: Organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, formation of oil and gas deposits.
A-2: Geochemistry of natural waters: from atmospheric precipitations to deep brines.
A-3: Nano-mineralogy and Geochemistry
A-4: Hydrothermal processes in asteroids and satellites
A-5: Advances in analytical techniques for the study of water-rock interaction.
A-6: Isotope Geology: climate change, georesources, hydrogeology, atmospheric study.
Applied Isotope Geochemistry
B-1: Isotope Biogeochemistry.
B-2: Advances in methodological and instrumental developments.
B-3: Isotope Geology: climate change, georesources, atmospheric study, residence times, critical zone & groundwater flow.
B-4: Isotopes in underground Energy Resources.
B-5: Environmental & Isotope forensics.
Solid and Fluid Earth
C-1: Anatexis and fluid regime of the middle to deep continental crust.
C-2: Fluid-rock reactions and nano- to microstructural evolution during metamorphism and alteration.
C-3: Roles of Fluids for Reaction Kinetics, Time Scale and Deformation of Crust and Mantle.
C-4: Physics and chemistry of melt and fluid and their roles in volcanic and igneous processes.
C-5: Deep WRI and/or Deep Carbon Cycle.
C-6: Fluid-rock interactions during slow and fast earthquakes.
C-7: Mass and Energy Systems in Convergent Margins.
Geosphere-Biosphere Interaction & Environment
D-1: Environmental Risk Management, water quality and human health issues.
D-2: Water-rock interaction to connect abiotic and biotic worlds.
D-3: Modeling of hydrogeochemical and ore formation processes.
D-4: Geochemical cycles of elements and global environmental changes.
D-5: Water-Rock Interaction Fronts to Climate Change.
Geoengineering & Carbon Neutral
E-1: AI and Big Data Analysis for Geoscience and Resource Exploration (Jointed with 16th International Symposium on Mineral Exploration (ISME-16))
E-2: Sub-, Supercritical and Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Energy.
E-3: Fluid-Rock Interaction in Oil & Gas, Geothermal and CCS Technology.
E-4: Radioactive waste disposal: geological, hydrogeological and geochemical aspects.